Section I: Formation Procedure

Bridgeport Military Academy

Cadet Corps – Code of Discipline


To set forth the procedures and policies governing the code of discipline.


To all Cadets enrolled in the Bridgeport Military Academy

Specific policies for morning formation:

A whistle will be sounded at 0750 signaling the Cadet Corps to assemble for morning formation in assigned platoons.

Platoon Leaders and the Squad Leaders will inspect and prepare Cadets for the official start of formation and the school day at 0755. The presentation of the colors will take place promptly at 0800.

Between 0800 and 0810 Cadets will remain assembled for morning announcements and instruction or until dismissed by CAPT Glass.

Any disruptive behavior exhibited by a cadet during morning formation will result in the Cadet being removed from formation and assembled at a staging area to be determined.

Examples of disruptive behavior are as follows:

-Insubordination toward teachers, administrators, platoon leaders or squad leaders

-Use of profanities (swearing, use of foul language, use of racial slurs or inappropriate gestures)

-Violation of the BMA Grooming Standards

-Play fighting

-Talking while in formation

-OOU - Out of uniform (wearing civilian clothing in place of the prescribed uniform)

-Any conduct in violation of the Cadet Creed

Consequences for Violations

Consequences for violations of the Code of Discipline are as follows:

Disruptive behavior: 1st offense - One demerit

2nd offense - One demerit and a letter home

3rd offense - One demerit and detention / Saturday detention

After two (2) detentions: Parent / Administrator / Student (PAS) conference.

If behavior is not corrected after PAS conference, Cadet will be suspended.

Unapproved / inappropriate earrings and studs will be confiscated during morning formation. They may be picked up at 2:10pm in the secretary’s office.

When Administrator / Teachers or guest visit classrooms, all Cadets will stand at attention until released by Administrator or Teacher.

Cadets who arrive on the 4th floor after 0755 are late for formation and for the start of school. They will assemble at the fourth floor landing and be charged with a Tardy for first period class. After three (3) Tardies, Cadets will receive a detention, and after two detentions, a PAS conference will be required. All “late” Cadets will also be subject to all preceding disciplinary measures.


Demerits will be noted in the BMA Demerit Database and become part of the Cadet’s permanent record.