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Ref: (a) NSTC M-5761.1B

(b) OPNAVINST 5761.1

Encl: (1) ROTC Nomination to USNA (USNA GRD 1110/5 (05/11))

1. NJROTC/NNDCC Senior Naval Science Instructors have the opportunity to nominate cadets for admission to the United States Naval Academy. NJROTC/NNDCC instructors submitting nomination forms for cadets may retrieve the nomination form from the USNA website at; the form is also attached as enclosure (1). (NOTE: Disregard the requirement to submit the unit's orders. It DOES NOT apply to NJROTC/NNDCC as a listing of authorized units has been provided in advance to USNA.)

2. NJROTC/NNDCC instructors are encouraged to assist eligible and interested NJROTC/NNDCC cadets with the application and nomination processes. Cadets are advised to seek a nomination from EACH of the following nomination sources for which they are eligible. Questions regarding eligibility may be directed to the Naval Academy at (410) 293-1858.

a. U.S. Senators, Representatives, and Delegates: Each member of Congress can have five constituents attending the Naval Academy at any time. (Note: The delegate to Congress from Guam may have three at the academy.) Each Congressional office has its own procedures and deadlines for accepting nomination requests. Most offices prefer that you contact them in the spring or summer of the year prior to admissions to the Academy. For specific requirements and deadlines, each student should go to <> and<> to find their Members of Congress and then visit their websites.

b. The President of the U.S.: An unlimited number of presidential nominations are available for children and legally adopted children of career officer and enlisted personnel of the armed forces, active or reserve, including the Coast Guard. One hundred candidates may be appointed with these nominations each year. A parent in the reserve must be serving as a member of a reserve component and be credited with at least eight full years of service (a minimum of 2880 points) or must be entitled to retired pay except that he or she is not yet sixty years old. Otherwise, the parent must currently be on active duty (other than for training) and have served continuously for at least eight years or have been retired with pay or granted retired or retainer pay. If you have questions regarding your eligibility, please call (410) 293-1858.

c. The Vice-President of the U.S.: At any one time, five students may attend the academy based on a vice presidential nomination. Competition for a vice presidential nomination is nationwide, therefore, it is very keen. U.S. citizens who are living outside the United States and who have not maintained a domicile in the U.S. are encouraged to apply for a vice presidential nomination. Requests for Vice Presidential nominations must be submitted online between 1 March and 31 January of the year prior to entry. See: for details.

d. Navy and Marine Corps (Active & Reserve): One hundred seventy appointments are available annually to regular and reserve Navy and Marine Corps enlisted personnel (interested cadets and former cadets might pursue this option after graduation).

e. Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC, NJROTC, MCJROTC), Honor Naval and Military Schools: All Navy JROTC units are eligible to nominate three candidates each. NJROTC Distinguished Units with Academic Honors are eligible to nominate three additional candidates. Again, NJROTC/NNDCC units are NOT required to submit the orders for the unit as a listing of authorized units has been provided in advance to USNA. The nomination form is available online at (Note: All candidates must be NJROTC/NNDCC cadets. Naval Honor Schools are defined in reference (b). Units designated Naval Honor Schools are also eligible to nominate three cadets each to the U.S. Military Academy and the U.S. Air Force Academy. Contact their respective admissions offices for details.

f. Children of deceased or disabled veterans and children of current prisoners of war or servicemen missing in action: Up to 65 midshipmen may be in attendance at the academy based on nominations as children of military personnel who were killed in action; died from wounds, injuries or disease while on active duty; sustained 100 percent disability from such wounds, injuries or disease, as certified by the Department of Veterans Affairs; or who are currently prisoners of war (POW) or missing in action (MIA). The children of civilians in POW or MIA status also are eligible. Adopted children are eligible.

g. Children of Medal of Honor Awardees: Candidates in this special category who are fully qualified for admission are automatically appointed. There is no limit to the number of midshipmen who may be at the academy with this source of nomination.

3. Instructors and cadets (juniors and seniors) are advised to pay careful attention to all deadlines (make all submissions as early as possible), mailing addresses, and requirements as provided at



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