Section III Classroom Procedures

Bridgeport Military Academy

Cadet Corps – Code of Discipline

Section III – Classroom Procedures


To set forth the procedures and policies governing Section III of the Code of Discipline.


To all Cadets enrolled in the Bridgeport Military Academy

Specific policies for classroom procedures:

Cadets are expected to move in two columns to their classes under the direction of the platoon leader. While in movement to assemble outside of their next classroom, BMA behavioral expectations and consequences will remain in effect. Outside the classroom, Cadets are to remain at attention until directed to enter the classroom.

Within the classroom, Cadets are to stand at attention at their desks until directed to be seated by their teacher or platoon leader.

During class time, Cadets are to follow all classroom expectations and directives set by their teacher. Classroom expectations will be posted in the room for the Cadets’reference.

Cadets may earn demerits for the following infractions as determined by the teacher:

· Insubordination

· Insulting a classmate

· Cursing

· Deliberately interrupting instruction

· Refusal to participate in the assigned activity

· Leaving classroom without permission

· Displaying inappropriate affection

· Failure to comply with BMA uniform and grooming standards

Type II offenses described in the BPS Student Code of Conduct are subject to the penalties already prescribed by the district. These include:

· Cheating and plagiarism

· Fighting

· Intentionally threatening another person with physical injury or property damage

· Forcing other persons to engage in conduct in which they have a legal right to refuse to participate

· Directing profane, vulgar or disrespectful language at school staff members or other students

· Harassing conduct, written or verbal conduct, directed at a person because of sex, race, ethnicity, or sexual preference

· Stealing, damaging or defacing school property or property of others

· Vandalism

· Repeated refusal to comply with a reasonable request by school staff

Cadets may refer to the BPS Student Code of Conduct for further details and penalties.

At the end of the class period, Cadets are to remain seated until dismissed by their teacher. At that time, Cadets will be directed by the platoon leader to line up for movement to their next class.

Visit to Classroom by a Military Officer or Administrator

In the event of a visit to the classroom by a uniformed officer in the military or a senior administrator for the school or the district, the platoon leader will immediately call “Attention on Deck,” at which point all Cadets will rise to the position of attention. They will remain at attention until given the order, “Carry On” by the visitor.