Antonio Ortiz

My name is Antonio Ortiz. I am the Spanish I and Spanish for Spanish Speakers teacher here at the Bridgeport Military Academy.

I hold a Masters of Science Degree from the University of Bridgeport in the field of Bilingual and Bicultural Education. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish from Fairfield University. I have been an educator for over thirty years and have taught in the secondary and post-secondary levels. Besides teaching in the Bridgeport School System, I have taught as an Adjunct Professor at Fairfield University, Yale University and St. Steven’s College in Bridgeport. I am a faculty member of Alpha Mu Gamma, the Spanish National Honor Society. I have traveled to Spain, Portugal, Puerto Rico and Italy. Besides speaking Spanish, I also speak Italian.

Outside of the academic realm, I served for more than 29 years as a Professional Firefighter (Company officer: Lieutenant) for the City of Norwalk. My interests range from the academics to the nautical. I am an avid sailor and a certified SCUBA diver. I love teaching and look forward to sharing my passion for languages and assisting the cadets here at Bridgeport Military Academy.